Launches World's First Online Marketplace for Commissioning Fan Art & More

Flyrice enables fans to commission artists to draw or paint their favorite TV, movie, comic book characters and more through its online platform. While other art sites focus on traditional art, Flyrice gives fans a way to have their fan art ideas come to life.

Walnut, CA, May 07, 2015 –(– ( has launched the world’s first marketplace exclusively focused on connecting buyers looking for custom commissioned fan art, character art, concept art, and more with artists who can make it for them.

Flyrice’s focus on fan art, art inspired by fan’s love of comics, movies, tv shows, and movies, separates it from other art marketplaces focused on buying and selling traditional art. From Pokemon fan art to Marvel’s Avengers fan art Flyrice gives fans the ability to turn their fan art ideas into reality by connecting them to Flyrice’s community of hundreds of curated artists.

Fans can browse artists and their portfolio of work by viewing an artist’s profile page. This page lists the type of art the artist is willing to make, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. If the fan has questions or wants to place an order they can message the artist though the Flyrice platform. If a fan can’t find an artist who can make what they are looking for they can post an art request through Flyrice’s request system which lets artists contact fans directly.

When a fan finds an artist they want to work with they can order through Flyrice. Flyrice protects both buyers and sellers when commissioning art by transferring money to the artist after the art has been delivered. If there is any issue the money is refunded to the buyer.
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