acquires domain name for Christmas…

Nov. 11, 2006 – In the ever expanding world of technology and high priced domain names, a website devoted to footwear reviews and trends has acquired the domain

“One of my main goals in the development of this project was to create a platform that the common person could relate too..” says founder D.W. Small. “Our researched showed that many Americans had a hard time spelling the word footwear, so we purchased the misspelled domain, but then we said to ourselves ‘Hey it’s Christmas, some people can’t spell Mississippi but have web browsers, lets help them out…’ ”

Some critics suggest that the website which planned to introduce new features and a revamped site for 2007 was pressured to introduce some new features, and in doing so decided the acquisition would be the first step.

“When it came to making the decision regarding the acquisition of the domain name, I considered some of the high priced domain purchases by young start-ups, and whether it was really worth it?”

Earlier this year a number of domains changed hands for numerous sums, some examples were which sold for $1.5 million and which sold for $120,000. Among some of the most profitable were short names which are the apex of Web 2.0 like which sold for $1.4 million. which was rumored to be the result of the buyer not willing to pay $4000.00 for, is perhaps one of the best examples of short names that hold value.

Although the founder will not disclose the amount, websites like suggest the value to be in the low six figure range.

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