For Fast, Safe Anxiety Treatment Learn To Use Your Body and Feelings Recommends Psychologist

Dec. 27, 2006 – Philadelphia, December 24, 2006. There are 9.1 million Americans, 18 to 54, who suffer from anxiety disorders, making anxiety the most common mental health problem. Anti- anxiety drugs are dangerous and psychotherapy is extremely limited in its ability to relax the body and nervous system. People need effective, safe anxiety treatments.

Dr. Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist for 30 years, has followed in the footsteps of her teacher, Joe Wolpe, MD who successfully helped people reduce anxiety with systematic desensitization. “No one seems to use the basic information we routinely taught clients at the Behavior Therapy Unit at Tempe Medical School back in the 1970’s” says, Dr. Jeanette.

For example, a client who lives in CA reported she tried all the anxiety experts, classes and groups in the Sacramento area. They never once taught her the simple, known, reliable way to stop a panic attack. On she read how to stop a anxiety attack. She called Dr. Jeanette to thank her for the free advice because she got results.

Dr. Jeanette does not use meditation or cognitive behavior therapy. Instead she applies learning research to the root cause of a person’s anxiety, while teaching them body and emotional tools they use in daily life to get concrete results. Her newest anxiety education class is more cost effective than individual sessions, making these safe solutions affordable for many people.

The Center for New Psychology, located in center city Philadelphia offers a six week class, “Body- Feelings: Tools To Increase Self Esteem and Reduce Anxiety.” Limited to six people to ensure each person learns the basic skills needed to step out of anxiety into a more secure, relaxed body state. After the class people know and understand exactly what to do to reduce anxiety and navigate though fear at work or play. One scholarship for each class is available to a single mother. Cost is $300 for a six week, hour and half class. Starts Jan. 8th, 6:30 pm. Must call 215-732-6197 to be registered.

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