Forget What Was Said? Record That Cell Phone Conversation

Dec. 4, 2006 – With mobile technology now permeating nearly every facet of daily life, it’s easy to forget exactly what was said in each and every cell phone conversation throughout a busy day for the person on the go. For business professionals however, forgetting even the slightest detail can sometimes mean the end of a deal, the loss of a client, or the end of a career. “Why not record all those important conversations and never even end up in that position?” asks Record Cell (

“Keeping a record of cell phone conversations is easier than one might think,” said a spokesperson for the website. “There are services available that allow a person to re-route cell phone calls through a telecommunications switch, where a digital recording is made of each and every conversation. The call can then be played back either by dialing in to an account, much like a voicemail system, or accessed via the Internet from a computer.”

The service, which can be purchased in 250 or 500 minute increments, works much like a pre-paid phone card and works on land lines as well as cell phones. The site points out that this type of service can be extremely valuable to many industries where cell phone or mobile conversations are the main mode of communication.

“Real estate agents, sales representatives, business executives in the field – these are all professions where the cell phone is the main form of communication,” the spokesperson continued. “The ability to record each and every conversation and maintain an accurate account of communications between parties is an invaluable tool for those looking to achieve better success in those fields.”

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About Record Cell
Record Cell launched in 2006, offering cell phone recording technology resources for individuals and businesses looking to keep digital records of sales calls, verbal agreements, or important conversations. The products offered through the website allow users to effectively record cell phone conversations for later playback or distribution via digital files accessible either through the phone or the Internet.

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