Former Folk Singer Turned Novelist Brings Insider View of the Music Industry to Exciting New Novel

Nov. 12, 2006 – Former Folk Singer Learns Of Murder and Mayhem

Ric Wasley thrived on music in the sixties and performed in a band all over New England. He met the likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Ric has also been writing for over thirty years. He has been published in several literary magazines in Los Angeles and San Francisco while living in California. He currently lives outside of Boston with his wife and three children, works for a major media company and retains his love of music and writing. He also knows the inner workings of complicated people, inner workings that lead some to commit murder. It is this very topic, candidly unearthed in his new book, Shadow of Innocence, that Ric confronts with Denise Turney, editor of the international literary publication, The Book Lover’s Haven ( of Innocence takes place in 1968. It follows the lives and adventures of the eclectic but always interesting, McCarthy family. Leaning on experiences he gained from years of performing in a band, Ric wisely sets Shadow of Innocence in Newport, home of the largest blues and folk festival in the country (and some of the countries most elite social set of millionaires). As a member of the McCarthy family attempts to unravel the mystery, he and his partner, find that they are becoming increasingly entangled in a nasty mess of dark secrets of drugs, sex, rock & roll and … murder.When asked what other notable subjects Ric Wasley, author of Shadow of Innocence, discusses in The Book Lover’s Haven (, the publication’s editor, Denise Turney, told us, “Ric was delightfully open. We tackle issues such as why he stopped performing even after playing at the 47 on the same stage as Bob Dylan who Ric says blew him away with his ability to combine poetry, prose and music into something incredibly powerful. We also discuss why words came easier to Ric than music, and what makes for a successful novel.”
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