Fort Wayne Landlords Learn to Safely Evict & Collect on Professional Tenants

A quick google search of How to Stop Eviction returns 6,790,000 results. With the internet housing tenants now have more resources than ever to find loopholes in an effort to thwart an honest Landlord’s attempts for eviction and collection of back rent and damages. Now more than ever Landlords and Property Managers need sound training and legal advice to stay ahead of changing laws and malevolent tenants.

Fort Wayne, IN, August 10, 2015 –(– Professional Tenants are those who know how to work the system to their advantage in order to hide from the law, prevent garnishment by quitting their job, and coerce unknowing Landlord into settlements and threats of countersuits.

Where Many Gather There Is Wisdom
The Fort Wayne real estate investor group Indiana REIA™ invites Landlord’s in northern Indiana and Ohio to attend this special REI meeting in Fort Wayne covering Evictions and Collections Made Easy by Landlord-Tenant Attorney Jeff Smith. A Partner of the Fort Wayne law office Hawk, Haynie, Kammeyer & Smith, Mr. Smith’s primary areas of practice are Landlord-Tenant Relations and Creditors’ Rights and Collections making him a perfect speaker to the Fort Wayne investment groups Landlords.

Focusing his practice in the area of landlord-tenant law and representing landlords and property management companies throughout Indiana gives Jeff the insight into how to run your rental properties with less hassle and more profit.

Learn Which Eviction Notice to Use And When?
Several important Landlord laws surround the timing of eviction notices, dispassion of back-rent and damages. By not knowing these timelines a Landlord could end up losing all money owed and actually paying the tenant for their inconvenience.

Learn About Judgment Docketing
If there is a chance that your ex-tenant may end up purchasing real estate within the next 10 years then it may be worth it to at least take a judgment against them and then docket the judgment. Docketing a judgment is simple and puts a lien on any property owned by the debtor or acquired by the debtor. The judgment will also accumulate interest at the rate of 8% per year. Because of this some landlords will choose to sue the tenant, obtain a judgment, docket the judgment, and then just sit and wait.

Learn What Necessary Information You Need to Sue Your Ex-Tenant
To successfully collect from tenants your application should at least contain the name and address of the applicant’s employer, the name and address of the applicant’s bank, and emergency contact information for the tenant’s relatives or close friends. But there are other vital components needed and some that may change. Learn what you need and how to get it at the Fort Wayne REIA meeting.

Increase Your Landlord Skills, Increase Profits, and Reduce Stress
Meet the Pros in of the industry and who successfully profit from rental property on a daily basis. And find suppliers that can provide cost effective solutions to your real estate needs. Information for the Fort Wayne, Indiana REIA meeting can be seen at
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