Frail Launches into Production

Nov. 9, 2006 – My Own Worst Enemy in conjunction with Careyes Entertainment has made offers to Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson, who received the Oscar nomination as ‘Best Actor’ for his performance in “In The Bedroom”, while negotiations are in the process with multiple award winning Thora Birch, star of the classic “American Beauty” for which Birch has received a spate of nominations.

“Frail” will be produced by Michael Z. Gordon, producer of “Narc” and “Mafiosa”, along with production partners Alan Schafer and John Gutierrez. This drama picture will be helmed by writer/director Lesley Rogers.

“Mafiosa” the half hour T.V. sitcom released in 2006, written by Michael Z. Gordon and directed by Rafael Monserrate, follows the misadventures of the mob’s most dysfunctional family as they search for a new boss and struggle to re-establish the Cosa Nostra in Philadelphia.

Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon, famous for the Instrumental Hits “Wipeout” and “Surfer’s Stomp”, is currently working with L.A. screenplay writer Daniel Guardino on the development stages of the movie script ‘My Own Worst Enemy’.

The pre-production stages of ‘Hello, My Name Is Jason Scott’ and ‘Grapefruit Moon’ have commenced, with ‘Heart Stopper’ set for filming in 2007. “Frail” will be filmed on location in Vancouver, Canada

Negotiations are currently underway for an international distribution pact with Shoreline Entertainment. With a string of movie credits behind Michael Z. Gordon, “Frail” is sure to be another Heart Stopper.


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