Free Discount Vouchers plus Free Sample of Green Tea for joining club as member

Nov. 7, 2006 – is now offering to you “Discount After Discount” Free Vouchers plus free sample of green tea of your choice ! All you need to do is to join Club as a member to enjoy this offer, and of course, the membership is Free, said by TM Mow, the founder and Managing Director of

This special offer is dedicated to all valued customers of in appreciation to the support they have given to its products, since the launching of this on-line tea store in August 2006. The unique feature of this feature is that this is not an isolated one time offer, or two times offer, but is a continuous Three-Tier Offer Discount Vouchers whereby you can enjoy three different stages of discount offer if you are started just by joining the club as member. Then just purchase any 1stgreentea product of minimum US$15 and you can now entitled to another 2nd tier discount voucher, and in the same manner, you can finally get a crazy discount voucher valued at US$12 plus a green tea sample worth up to US$5 ! All for you if you start key in your email address and join before 31st January 2006.

About Club club is basically for any one who loves green tea and intends to find out more about green tea. Membership is totally Free and members are entitled to all kinds of benefits which is offered exclusively by Among others, are attractive discounts for products, tips and information regarding the latest research and development on benefits of green tea, usages as well as other medicinal properties which are continuously being discovered, despite of its hundred of health benefits already known to the world. Moreover, club unique traditional remedies for curing various diseases and also special recipes using green tea which have medicinal health benefits of taking them. All of them are originated from ancient China and some even have history over 3,000 years ago !

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