Free eBook Offer for Churches, Christian Mental Health Providers, and Non-Profit Agencies That Serve Sexual Trauma Survivors

If you serve sexual trauma survivors, you may find this eBook to be an encouraging and useful resource for your clients. You may download this eBook for free and receive a discount on the print version.

Forest Park, IL, August 11, 2015 –(– As one who works with sexual trauma survivors, you are familiar with the aftereffects of this form of abuse. Sexual trauma challenges a survivor’s faith, and it can be hard to reconnect with God after enduring such an offense.

As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse along with other forms of abuse, Annette F. Brown is very familiar with trying to grapple with the lingering effects of this life-altering trauma.

In her book, “Pressing On: Overcoming Sexual Abuse through Faith in Christ,” Annette shares the many winding roads in her life that led to more chaos than solutions. But she also shares the primary approach she adopted that healed her heart and altered her self-perceptions, which was developing her faith in Christ.

This book covers:
1) Inspiring suggestions on how survivors can reframe their understanding of mental, emotional, and childhood sexual abuse,
2) How survivors can grow spiritually and transition from self-hatred to self-love, and
3) Ways to implement spiritual principles in order to uncover her true self and discover what remains.

If you treat sexual trauma survivors, or serve them through a non-profit agency, you can download the eBook version of “Pressing On” for free throughout the month of August 2015.

If after reading the eBook you find that it might benefit your clients, you are welcome to a 50% discount on the print version of this book. (Its original print price is $12.99.)

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Annette F. Brown, MA has been on a more intimate faith journey with Christ for well over a decade. Although she holds graduate degrees related to psychology and spirituality, her current non-fiction works place emphasis on her personal testimony, and are not intended to be academically professional. Through her non-fiction writings, she aims to encourage sex abuse survivors to believe that they can heal and that trusting God is an option for full recovery. Read more about this author at Visit her Christian living blog at
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