Free scanning your PC right now!

Dec. 15, 2006 – Is your PC running normally? How do you know whether your PC is infected by spyware? Let’s test it now!

First, go to to download SpyEraser, and then install to your PC.

Second, launch SpyEraser. In the first running, SpyEraser will automatically fully scan your system and analyze all of files to check if there are spyware hided in your PC.

Third, after full system scanning, the result of scanning will pop up. See whether your PC is running normally.

If there is not any spyware, Congratulations! If there is, remove it manually. (The trial version of SpyEraser can only scan and find spyware. If you want SpyEraser to remove them automatically, please purchase the full version)

More function about SpyEraser, please visit

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