French Healthcare System set to Revolutionize with Smart Card Technology

Dec. 8, 2006 – Healthcare system in France has chosen a smart card chip technology company to aid in developing the leading edge Sesam-Vitale2 health card. According to Jacques de Varax, Groupement d’Interet Economique Sesam-Vitale’s General Manager, “Use of this card will result in speedier transactions and reduced fraud.”

The country has been making use of Sesam-Vital health card since the year 1998, and it has become a vital part of healthcare system in France. However, the original version could store only a small amount of data and did not have any photographic identification.

Users and health professionals have added comfort of being capable of conducting quick and easy transactions with just a single card at the same time knowing that the process to be safe, as per Varax.

NXP Semi conductors will be used to develop a card, which will allow users to sign invoices plus provide safer access to their personal medical history electronically. (NXP based in Netherlands was formerly Phillips’ (the technology giant) division).

Sesam-Vitale2, the latest version, has a photograph and greater capacity of storing information for example complementary health insurance details. Moreover, enhanced storage capacity will also help speed up the administrative processes.

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“The card will help prevent ID theft. This card is able to carry an electronically and visually legible identifier to accelerate patient information look-up in a computerized system, leading to reduced paperwork, data entry errors, administrative costs, and faster, better delivery of services & benefits”, as per a research analyst at RNCOS.

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