Future Global Commodity Trends in the Mining and Energy Sectors

Dec. 8, 2006 – POINT ROBERTS, WA, Delta B.C. – December 8th, 2006 – www.Gold-MiningStocks.com and www.OilandGasStockNews.com, industry portals for the mining and energy sectors, provide research tools, news and industry perspective to investors and industry following global developments that impact these areas. Demand from China and India in both oil and gold, combined with tensions in the Middle East have some analysts predicting higher price trends for both commodities, but as always, there are others in the market with conflicting views and forecasts. Analyst Jon Nadler from Kitco provides insights to the ever-changing volatile gold commodity markets. Eden Energy Corporation (OTCBB: EDNE), a company developing large scale oil and gas projects gives comments on how a small company can evaluate the oil markets.

Recent developments including Saudi princes shifting from the stock market to purchasing Gold since early October, and China Vision Resources purchasing 17 million shares of mining company Anglo American from Oppenheimer & Sons, have put some interesting new faces on gold. Driving factors already in force include demand from China, India and Brazil, have most analysts forecasting higher prices. According to World Gold Council (http://www.gold.org ), ”The last few weeks of September saw vibrant demand for jewellery and retail investment, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, with Indian imports in September at the second highest monthly level ever.” To read the Gold supply and demand report for Q3 2006: http://www.gold.org/value/stats/statistics/gold_demand/index.html.

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