Futurist Jack Uldrich to Speak on the Future of “Smart Homes”

If one is of a certain age the television show The Jetsons provided the TV viewing world with images of what the Smart Home of the Future might look like….flying cars, robot servants, food in pill form. It seemed a crazy far off world and yet here in 2015 many of those very things that were presented in Jestons are coming to fruition.
On February 17th, Global futurist and keynote speaker Jack Uldrich will be addressing audience members of Hunter Douglas in Las Vegas discussing five transforming trends transforming the smart home of the future. In other words, Uldrich will be talking about some of the very things that the Jeston’s provided as entertainment back in the late sixties and seventies.
When asked what a good futurist does, Uldrich says, “The best futurists are those who can identify trends and technologies that are ‘way off to the side’ today but will move from today’s periphery to tomorrow’s center.”
“Contrary to popular belief, futurists can’t see into the future–and, should you happen to run into one that claims to have this unique skill, my best advice is to run away as fast as you can because they are flat-out lying.” Uldrich makes a living researching and speaking on future trends and is a leading expert on helping businesses adapt to change.
Uldrich provides provocative new perspectives on competitive advantage, change management and transformational leadership, his most recent clients include the Outsourcing World Summit, Farm Credit Systems, and serving as a panelist for the Food Management Institute. He has also traveled the U.S. with Verizon Wireless and ABB in recent months. His clients run the gamut from health care, agriculture, education, energy, finance, retail and manufacturing.
Following his keynote for Hunter Douglas this week, Uldrich will travel back to his home base of Minneapolis and address Cretex with his presentation, “The Big AHA: How to Future Proof the Medical Device Industry.”
Parties interested in learning more about him, his books, his daily blog or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website. Media wishing to know more about either the event or interviewing Jack as a futurist or trend expert can contact Amy Tomczyk at (651) 343.0660.