G-Biz Canada expands its global distribution/reseller networks

Nov. 22, 2006 – G-Biz Canada (Global Business) has signed distribution agreements with major distributors in the following areas…

Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, Africa, Columbia,
Middle East, Australia, China.

Further negotiations are proceeding with…

South Africa, UK, France, Romania, Venezuela, Malaysia, Thailand

G-Biz Canada is a leading supplier of IP-Centric products including VoIP gateways, IP-PBX switches, T1-E1 Gateways and a wide range of IP, USB, DECT, telephones. The company places a major emphasis on International (ITU) and national standards (IETF/IEEE) and products that comply with SIP and/or H.323 protocols.

G-Biz markets a low-cost, feature rich IP-PBX product line for multi-nationals with remote branch offices. IP-PBX switches are the core product, which provides a powerful alternative to existing Host-PBX services. The ability for branch offices to provide concurrent IP and PSTN sessions is a major global requirement.

For additional information…

G-Biz Canada
Brampton, Ontario
Email: CEO@GBizCanada.com
Web: http://www.GBizCanada.com

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About G-Biz Canada:
G-Biz Canada (which is coined from “Global Business”) is a leading Global Supplier of IP-Network products, which are dedicated to a variety of users, including but not limited to small and medium enterprises, SOHO’s, System Integrators (SI’s), OEM’s, and large corporations.

G-Biz Canada is the Networking division of a large privately run organization, which includes many divisions; including the Travel business, Web Design services, Call Termination, among other’s and “MInt Talk”, the VoIP hardware division

Unlike the traditional Network Distributor who offers a limited gamut of IP products, “MInt Talk” has an extensive range of IP products. These diverse products are marketed and sold through a global distribution network complimented by a large network of resellers

The G-Biz strategy is to sell directly to the Distributor, who in turn will sell to a group of resellers, and in turn the resellers will sell to the end-user. G-Biz does not sell to the End user. This “global” presence provides G-Biz with a large Point-of-Presence

The structure of Distributor/Reseller, coupled with a large assortment of IPCentric products, provides the end-user with a “One-Stop Shopping” facility.

G-Biz is fully aware of the fierce competition in the area of IP-Technology. G-Biz has aligned itself with major products that meet with international standards for protocol, emission, and power standards. G-Biz insists upon products that are low-cost, high-performance and ready-to-ship.

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