Gain Industry and Internet Exposure by Targeting Your News to Specific Audiences

Nov. 9, 2006 – Provides a Free Marketing Tool for Companies and Organizations through News Posting Service

Gain Industry and Internet Exposure by Targeting Your News to Specific Audiences

Reno, Nevada, November 9, 2006, an online news service that allows users to post news, as well as search news by headlines, industry and keywords, provides a free marketing tool for companies and organizations looking to increase their Internet exposure. By allowing news to be posted using specific industry categories and keywords, Search by Headlines helps businesses to target specific and relevant audiences.

As businesses work to raise the level of exposure for their product, technology or service, the Internet has become a vital marketing tool. Search by Headlines creates an opportunity for companies and organizations to raise their Internet presence and improve their marketing reach through targeted news posting services.

Private companies, public companies, industry associations and non-profits can take advantage of the free news submission service, and have the option to upgrade to a more advanced program that enables priority placement and the use of 3 different headlines per release that automatically rotate every four hours exposing the news to additional site visitors with each rotation. By selecting three headlines with different variations and keywords, companies can generate valuable “search” and marketing results as they increase their online visibility.
Site users are able to find news by keywords, headlines and industry sectors for fast, targeted and highly relevant search results. As global internet usage continues to grow and users turn to online sources for information, efficient methods of distributing and locating company news has become a key component of successful marketing programs. Search by Headlines is the first website that is targeting search and submission of news with a primary focus on keyword usage within news headlines.
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Search by Headlines focuses its content and search on headlines based on internet usage feedback and data, which suggests that by placing the right headline in a news release, companies can optimize visibility and eyeballs for a more specific targeted audience. As internet users are exposed to increasing content and content formats, readers tend to read and scan headlines for keywords and phrases, followed by the first paragraph.

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