GAME OF DEATH is published by Ian Yul Amos

Nov. 21, 2006 – Rock Haven, a country whose foundation is based on corruption. In the time where society is degraded and everything has a price.

This was no different for Nicole Amore, who has reached the pinnacle of her acting career, but her life has been thrown into turmoil following the recent death threats. Who could possibly want her dead? The list of suspects is endless. Is it her estranged sister, her desperate agent, the crazed fan who has been stalking her or has she simply become a target for Val ‘The Hammer’ Rixley, an escaped patient from the Providence Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane and who is the Rock Haven Police Force’s number one suspect in the recent murders that have shocked the small city of Abledale.

That is the job of D.I. David Ryann and his new Constable Suzanne Tuesday. Time is running out, as the killer has warned them that the tangent is complete and the game is nearly over. Can they stop the killer before it’s too late or will they lose at the Game of Death.

About the Author: Born in Liverpool, England, Ian Yul Amos has a multi-cultured heritage, with his father’s family originating from Ireland and his mother’s from Scotland. He qualified as a Legal Executive in October 2003 and works for a small Law Firm in Cheshire, whilst writing novels in his spare time. Ian has had a number of small pieces published in local magazines/gazettes.

Ian still lives in Liverpool with his Brazilian wife and his crazy dog, Monty.

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Author: Ian Yul Amos

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