GEM Pty Reviews Australia’s First Ever International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

The United Nations created Women’s Entrepreneurship Day as a global movement which aims to empower women in business and compel nations to work towards equal economic participation for men and women. The United Nations expects events like Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to help female-owned businesses to grow by 90% over the next five years. The idea of the event is to celebrate and support the ways in which female entrepreneurs benefit the global economy. As well as this The UN aims to ‘empower, celebrate and support women in business and build a strong network for change worldwide’.
About GEM Pty:
The UN has created this initiative because women still only have a 58%-70% share in the economic and political resources available to men. GEM Pty believes that this is wrong and that there needs to be more equality in the business world so that women have the same opportunities as men. Research suggests that when women are provided economic empowerment they outspend men on their family’s health, nutrition, and education by threefold. This proves that investing in women promotes economic and social development as women reinvest in their communities and homes.
GEM Pty is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm with offices in both Perth and Sydney. The firm designs personalized campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands to represent them in accurate and exciting ways. GEM Pty specializes in face-to-face marketing techniques because this allows them to create long lasting and personal relationships between a brand and a consumer. This, in turn, leads to improved customer acquisition, customer retention and brand awareness as well as increased sales.
GEM Pty’s Managing Director, Alex Scowcroft was particularly excited to be a part of this initiative and thinks that it is a fantastic opportunity to promote female entrepreneurship and to help females excel in business all over the world. As a female entrepreneur herself, Alex Scowcroft has experienced some of the challenges that women often face in the workplace and is pleased that something is being done to make the business world a much more equal environment for men and women. GEM Pty hopes that the initiative continues to raise awareness and spreads the message of equality in business throughout Australia and other countries.