Germany’s Christmas Market

Dec. 7, 2006 – Although Germany’s frigid winter weather isn’t appealing to many travelers, its festive Christmas markets rope in holiday-loving tourists every December. Called ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ in the country’s native tongue, these special bazaars range from spectacular productions in big cities to folksy and intimate occasions in the smaller towns and villages. Regardless of location and size, the markets promise an entertaining time as visitors explore the extent of the grounds.

Mingling aromas of hearty German delicacies, roasting chestnuts, and spiced glühwein fill the chilly air as the streets stay crammed with shoppers looking for the perfect gift. A visit during day lit hours is best for serious shopping but the dark evenings bring out the charm as the markets glow with the warmth of the colorful lights. Vendors offer an array of beautiful gifts for sale which plays in with the market’s theme. For example, many of the older towns can be dated back as far as the Middle Ages and the markets uphold their aged customs. Local craftsman bring their handmade goods of wood, metal, cloth, or glass. Larger cities wanting to please a wide spectrum of the population will offer both the old and more modern wares. In either case, traditional folk songs provide the perfect backdrop to this atmosphere seeping with holiday spirit.

Visiting is easy – simply check your desired destination’s website for dates, times, and venue. Most cities have one hosted at www.(city name).de and information can either be translated directly on the site by clicking ‘English’ or a flag or through the use of an online translation web page. Other information such as parking, public transportation schedules, or special events can also be obtained and planned around for the optimal market experience.

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