Getbusi Latest Update to LiveStream 5 Web Filter with 3 New Features

Hobart, Australia, May 11, 2015 –(– Getbusi Pty Ltd (, a software developer in Hobart, Australia, has recently released 3 new features to the LiveStream 5 internet access management system. They are:

1. Supervisor Bypass
When a user encounters a denied request for content they need for their work, they simply call a supervisor (or teacher) over to their device and ask them to unblock it. The supervisor can see why it was denied, what the specific URL is and—if they deem it appropriate—can temporarily unblock it with a couple of clicks.

LiveStream records the details of every bypass event so that the administrator can audit them and choose whether or not to make a permanent configuration change or not.

2. Activity Reports for Devices
LiveStream 5 now provides the ability to report on the web browsing activity of specific devices based on their IP address or MAC address.

Ideal for primary school with young students that can’t remember their username/password, or businesses with computers/devices not associated with a user.

3. Users Viewing Their Own Profile
Users can now log into LiveStream 5 and view how much internet use quota and / or credit they have left.

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