Gian Fiero Ready For 2007 Music Reviews

Dec. 14, 2006 – Known for his insightful and comprehensive reviews that cater to industry interests, Gian Fiero is accepting commercial music submissions to review for 2007. A new addition to his writing repertoire will be his “Live Performance” reviews.

“Many of my colleagues want to know if the acts that I review and endorse can deliver on stage,” Gian says. “My live performance reviews will help answer those questions and allow them to prove that they are the real deal.”

Music artists who submit material that has been recorded no earlier than 2005 will also be eligible for Gian’s coveted Muse’s Muse Awards which are dispensed in December of every year. The awards recognize excellence achieved in recording projects, songwriting, vocal, performance, and soon to the aforementioned, live performance categories.

Many publicists, record labels, managers, A&R reps, and music supervisors are now using Gian’s reviews – and the Muse’s Muse Award winners in particular – to find exceptional talent and songs from all over the world.

If you are interested in having Gian do a live performance review of your show, send a CD three weeks in advance. To view a list of the 2006 Muse’s Muse Award winners, visit the link below.

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