Gift Customizer (GC) — Online Gift Customizing Tool

Nov. 20, 2006 – Westborough, MA. – November 17, 2006

Gifts Passion is one of the best online gift stores where users can buy online personalized gifts for various occasions. You can buy unique decorative beautiful Christmas ornaments, personalized cups and mugs embossed with personal photographs and custom designs, beautiful jewelry boxes such as Macys Jewelry Boxes, Economical Photo Jewelry Boxes, Closeout Jewelry Boxes, 100% cotton T-shirts that you can personalize and much more. Gifts that are available here can be used as perfect wedding, party gifts, business gifts, thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts or for any other occasion.

Personalization of gifts is the highlight of this site. Users can personalize the gifts easily using the Gifts Passion Online Gift Customizing Tool called the Gift Customizer (GC). Gift Customizer is unique to this website and users love the experience of customizing their own gifts online using this tool. It provides various options to customize. Users can easily upload and resize images, add and edit text, try various color options and do much more. They can preview their customized design and edit it until they are satisfied. Users can easily customize the back and front designs using various options. Regarding the image, the GC has a library with pictures under various categories like Birthday, Funny Stuff, Friends, Patriotic and more. The option to upload any other picture apart from those in the library is also present to give users complete freedom. Text options are also varied. Users can try out various text font styles, font sizes, and change text color too. The graphic position can also be specified.

The Gift Customizer tool has made the online gift store quite popular among online gift buyers. Sam a college student said, “I just love the GC tool. Personalizing the gift is so much fun and now I don’t feel like buying gifts from any other online gift store. My friends have love the gifts I give them. All thanks to Gifts Passion.” Bobby a banking professional and a father of a teenager also excitedly said, “I sent customized pillow cases with a family picture on them to my daughter at boarding school. She was so touched and said she loves her parents so much. I got so emotional and realized how personalized gifts can strengthen relationships.”

The Chief Sales and Marketing Manager also revealed, “The intention was to give users complete freedom to personalize their own gift and we are glad the users like it. The GC tool has also helped us to attract more visitors and increase conversions. The tool is absolutely user-friendly and encourages the users to try more options. We provide 24-hour continuous service and reliable support at every step to make gift shopping a pleasurable experience. We are glad at the response we have got so far and think that the festive season of Christmas and New Year will help us boost our sales even more.”

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