Give me my ball back!

Nov. 27, 2006 – Give me my ball back!

What happens when somebody takes your ball away and stops you playing? Well you do one of two things either you fight to get it back, or you get a new ball. For most of the USA online gaming affiliate market who have just had their ball taken away by the US government, with the UIGEA’s, ruling last month, the game is already over for some of them. Others have declared that they will fight on. However, against the might of congress and the force that can be brought to bear it seems a little fool hardy even for the most committed, affiliate to fight the ruling, no matter how chivalrous that sentiment maybe.

Moreover, many larger casino companies have taken there affiliates’ ball away and simply pulled out of the game, deserting the US, for pastures new. Some American webmasters are hoping to fill their gaps by moving to foreign climes, like Asia or Europe. By translating their sites into other languages they hope to be able to pick up on this new traffic through local appeal. A recent quote from Warren Jolly knowledge powerhouse of the affiliate markets states; “You’ve got the two largest Internet gaming companies in the world– PartyGaming and 888– pulling out of the U.S.” “That will force any affiliate to have to broaden their relationships and work with some of the smaller guys that are still private, even some of the newer guys who just came into the space.” For those US affiliates left this leaves only the second alternative, a new ball.
There is a saying that “Out of adversity the more adaptable thrive” certainly there are people who make fortunes off other people’s disasters, these speculators of crisis, propel themselves to the top of the heap when it comes to trouble and pick off the riches. Why does it have to be that the people who have this sort of vulture mentality are the only ones to capitalize, why don’t the good guys win for a change? Why is it always the ones with the black hats that profit and not the ones wearing white hats? “We’ve seen guys definitely hanging up their hats and saying ‘it’s not worth the hassle for me anymore,'” said Jolly. ”

Over the past few weeks we have seen many companies just quit, even those that have been in gaming for years. Saying it just isn’t worth the risk. Why after all your work building up your business does it have to fail, because of someone else’s decision? Don’t you have the right to decide if you succeed or fail?
Isn’t it time to change things?

TCADS is a marketing company with a different approach to affiliation, its proactive approach has meant that it has successfully built and managed a database of affiliates who have profited from its partnership policy for affiliates. After all it was the first company to take the game of backgammon into the virtual world, opening a whole new dimension in online marketing to an untapped audience. Its strap line of “More Than a Game” couldn’t be better expressed. As it has demonstrated so effectively with online backgammon proving there is a realistic and achievable revenue to be gained, purely from affiliation. With one of the highest rates of CPA and online commissions paid, over 3.5 million dollars in 2005 and that figure set to treble in 2006 and 2007.

This opportunity now presents itself not only to the USA, but to European, Asian as well as Australasian affiliates who are looking for a new ball to play with. One which they can pick up simply by signing up for, joining in the success of online backgammon with the TC ADS program, from which they can expect to be rewarded and not just a few dollars, possibly even a second revenue to replace that which they have lost. Click to review rates

This approach seems to be borne out in Jolly’s latest affiliate statement, Jolly says, “Another trend, at least among high volume affiliates, is switching from revenue sharing referral agreements to CPA referral agreements.”In dealing with the affiliates and operators that are still doing business in the states, I would be very surprised to see any of the larger guys continue to do business on a revenue share basis if they’re still sending customers to the U.S. or any of the other countries in question”

Given this illustration, affiliates may opt for a one time payment for each of their players, rather than gamble on the life span of a player and their revenue generation.

This seems to follow the plan of TCADS, for whatever has been lost can now be put back with effort and energy in schemes that are designed to enhance traffic and enthuse business. Click to start with

This motivation alone should be enough for people to stay in the game, to ensure that their business doesn’t go flat.

After all, those of you who thought you had lost out now have a new game to play, as you just got your ball back, all be it a new one!

Myron Edwards

— End —