Global Internet – Model for Future Business Scenarios 2006

Nov. 23, 2006 – Global Internet – The Emerging Internet Economy report 2006

Annual report on: Internet, e-mail, permission based marketing, B2B, B2C, e-retailing, e-commerce, triple play, Spam, Cybercrime, websites, web hosting, search engines.

Report also contains:

Global market and industry overviews and analyses
B2C (E-Retailing), E-Payments, B2B Market Statistics
Industry and Market Trends and Developments
Business and Marketing Strategies
User statistics
Revenues and forecasts
ISP Markets
Industry issues and regulatory
Executive Summary

With over 1 billion people worldwide having access to the Internet, revenue from the large range of available content and services is rapidly increasing and contributing to the overall Internet Economy. Travel, gambling, adult content, music and health services have proved extremely popular with more growth ahead, and sites based on User Generated Content (UGC) are flourishing.

Businesses are also increasing their use of the Internet for e-activities such as transactions, online trading, website marketing, email and other forms of related communications. It is estimated that around one million companies worldwide now rely on the Internet economy for more than 50% of their revenue.

In addition, we are clearly starting to catch glimpses of the new, converged world in which companies such as Google, eBay/Skype, Yahoo!, Vonage, AOL, MSN, News Ltd and Amazon are jockeying for position, with alliances and mergers on the board. Many of the traditional media and telecoms companies will crumble under the changes and be broken up into segments that are easier to merge into the converged industries that lie ahead.

There will also be more and more structural separation between content and distribution, and the one-size-fits-all telecoms, broadcasting or newspaper model is on the way out. New digital media distribution formats around the Internet, triple play, IPTV, podcasting, DVRs and blogging are already emerging. The key reason that the market is suddenly turning towards digital media is the opportunity for attracting new revenues, especially from advertising. Companies will need to develop new business models to succeed in this highly competitive and customer-centric market.

This report discusses business models for the new Internet economy, and examines the underlying trends that are occuring. An overview and statistics of the Internet is provided, including analysis of the net neutrality debate. The report also includes information on the major categories of online content and services, such as travel, gambling, music, health etc. It discusses the recent activities of some of the key players in the Internet Media space, including Google, eBay/Skype, Yahoo!, AOL, and News Ltd. Information and statistics on Internet hosts, domain names, the World Wide Web, search engines and the ISP market is also included, along with detailed technical information on Internet infrastructure.

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