Global Tax Management and Jason Feist, Rebrand as

Global Tax Management today formally announced the launch of its new company name, Empowered Insights.
Over 7 years ago, the accounting advisory firm was formed to serve the Cincinnati area small business and taxpayers as a trusted source for sound advice. The firm has grown from a one-person agency to a full service accounting and business-consulting firm. “We have taken our formula for business success, and packed it into a program that helps business owners live the lives they dream to live” said Jason Feist, founder and business owner.
“We chose the name Empowered Insights because it communicates the full processes we provide small businesses to grow beyond their expectations. We help them by developing best practices and leadership skills needed to ignite their business growth” noted Jason.
Empowered Insights anticipates that 2015 will be their busiest and most profitable year to date. “The firm has grown an average of 70% each year; we expect to double that this year,” said Jason.
Headquartered in the Cincinnati area, Empowered Insights is one of the regions leading tax and accounting firms. The firm serves small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals throughout Cincinnati and surrounding area.
If you would like more information about the firm, please visit or contact Jason Feist, at (513) 206-9673 or Jason.Feist(at)EmpoweredInsights(dot)com.