Golfers to Benefit with The Caddy Card™ at Southern California Golf Courses

Nov. 16, 2006 – (Anaheim Hills, CA) – Albatross the 11th, Southern California’s Premier distributor of the Caddy Card™ Golf Scoring System announces agreements with six local golf clubs that will provide the Caddy Card™ free to its golfers with an estimated availability of early, 2007.

The Caddy Card™ is a full color, printed scoring system that is custom designed for each golf course providing detailed hole graphics and yardage information including distances to the pin, fairway hazards, landmarks and tips along with the score card as the center spread. Golfers additionally benefit with sections to take notes to improve their game.

“Southern California is a great golfing region providing beautiful courses for the avid player to golf year round. Our golfers are great customers and they deserve to have something for free. I’m excited to be able to provide a wonderful product that our golfers will benefit from while giving my advertisers rich exposure to their ideal clients,” says Sinnary Sam, Executive of Albatross the 11th”

About Albatross the 11th

Albatross the 11th delivers custom designed, high quality scoring systems to area golf courses called The Caddy Card™ benefiting the Golf Course, Golfers and Advertisers. The Golf courses benefit by offering a free printed, customized, high quality course guide with hole diagrams and score system within one booklet to their players. Golfers benefit by improving their golf game with the diagrams and notes system provided within the Caddy Card™. The Caddy Card™ advertising merchants benefit when golfers view their ad 800,000 times on average over a period of anywhere from 4 months to 2 years. If this were a Par 5, you would have scored an Albatross.

For more information about advertising with Albatross the 11th or offering the Caddy Card™ at your course, please call (949) 933-2750 or email

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