Gone For a Run Launches New Line of Beach Towels This Spring

Personalized running gifts company Gone For a Run has launched a new line of beach towels just in time for spring season.
Starting last month, Gone For a Run has released a variety of creative and colorful beach towels for runners who take to the great outdoors. These towels are specially designed for dedicated runners whose outdoor treks can get quite messy.
The towels, 30″ x 60″, come in more than 30 designs, from an image of a runner to an image of a beer with “WILL RUN FOR BEER” embroidered on the front. They are made of 100% terry velour and are moisture-wicking, which means that they’re designed to quickly remove sweat from the body. These towels are great for wiping off sweat and grime at the beach, the gym, or wherever one decides to run.
“What runners love about these towels is the many different uses for them,” said Ryan Lynn, Gone For a Run’s Director of Marketing. “We’ve often had people give us feedback about how they put them on their car seat after a race so as to keep their car clean.”
The towels can be bought individually or in bulk, and they can also be customized to include, for example, a school logo, monogram, initials, a picture — anything really. They can also be designed with various colors, prints, and patterns such as chevron or stripes.
The company can ship the towels anywhere and they can be ordered online. The towels are already flying off the shelves.
“It’s always exciting when we launch a new product and we receive instant positive feedback,” Lynn said. “We were caught by surprise at how quickly these towels became popular this early in the season.”
Lynn also noted that the company hopes to expand the line and offer other new items for runners.
About Gone For a Run
Gone For a Run is a company committed to connecting runners to top quality products. Their products range from running gear like energy gels and arm sleeves to enhance the running experience, to thoughtful gift items such as drinkware, magnets, and jewelry. To learn more, visit goneforarun.com.