Greatest Health Improvement Solutions-Involves Relearning The Basic Fundamentals

Nov. 19, 2006 – Flemington, MO-November 19, 2006-In our high-tech and fast paced society, the massive public has been naively led by the hand of a new world religion known as modern medicine. It has become a most complicated and expensive system of health care that takes many prisoners and releases very few victims.

Skidmore reports, “In observing this profit driven corporate system, it has been revealed that this system relies heavily on government funding. Many government officials such as our representatives and senators are themselves investors and shareholders in drug companies. The taxpayer thus gets to help pay for research, development, and clinical trials of often times, outright dangerous products. The double whammy occurs when these drugs are then sold back to the tax paying consumer at insanely high prices. We are actually paying for the product more than twice.”

“As ludicrous as this system has been allowed to become,” states Skidmore, “the unsuspecting public will continue this status quo in treating their symptoms and will never be cured. They are not supposed to be cured, least they no longer need the drugs.”

“The tragedy does not end with no cure drugs, high-tech medical equipment and evasive surgeries are often sold as expensive alternatives to add ever more huge profits for the industry,” adds Skidmore.

As unnerving and depressing as this current system is, there is most certainly good news in treating existing health conditions or prevent one from occurring naturally. “I have overcome several common health issues using alternative approaches,” Skidmore says.

“You must become an advocate for your own health’s sake, relearn the basics that were taught to you in elementary and high school health classes as kids. Think back on what you learned about body functioning regarding hydration, nutrition, and exercise”, adds Skidmore.

“Ask yourself this,” Skidmore says, “do you think you can not be active physically, eat fast food daily, and drink anything but water and remain disease free?”

A quote by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, says “you are not sick, you are thirsty, don’t treat thirst with medications.”

“There is a huge library of literature out there written by medical doctors, nutritionists, and lay people that relate about proven science based knowledge to rise above any degenerative state of physical health naturally,” Skidmore points out.

After refreshing on the standard basics of proper body care, there are several newly discovered nutritional deficits that have been uncovered in the last decade.

There are so many cost effective and safer options to consider in total health care. “This is what I help others to learn, this is my passion,” adds Skidmore.

Brenda Skidmore is an alternative health care consumer advocate, and creator of a free weekly newsletter. Skidmore has written numerous articles relating to a wide variety of health care issues, and is the author of Disease And The Diet Connection/What Their Hoping You Won’t Find Out. This e-book is available for purchase and can be downloaded directly from the website at…

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