Green Energy Endeavor Picking Up Pace in France

Dec. 12, 2006 – France is speeding up its attempts on biofuels and this is evident by several developments in the country. A distribution network for ethanol and biodiesel is being built in France, as the Finance Ministry has pledged to support “with no reservation” for E85’s development as “first fuel of post oil era”. E85’s extensive development should predominantly cater to the consumers’ interest of low price. Development of E85 will also help in attaining the energy independence goal of the country. Concretely, nearly 600 ethanol pumps are likely to be built in the country from the year 2007 onwards. These pumps will be a part of the network called ‘grandes autoroutes’, which connects several cities of France with Paris.

Another important development has been – Thierry Breton – French Finance Minister – stated, carmakers in the country have committed for investing in flex fuel cars, which can use E85 fuel effectively. As per Breton, flex fuel cars will make up half of all the cars sold in the country by the year 2009. The ambitious bio-fuel plan of the country will possibly succeed, provided the projected penetration is realized.

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According to this report, “The situation is expected to be more favorable in near future following the announcement from Prime Minister that a plan aiming to increase biofuels (Bioethanol and Biodiesel) authorizations by 800,000 Tons by 2007 is underway. The breakdown is 480 000 Tons and 320 000 Tons for Biodiesel and ethanol, respectively.”

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