Groundbreaking Analysis of “Voltage Breakdown” Data from Sandia National Laboratories

Dec. 21, 2006 – The data pertains to the “voltage breakdown” of water, and explicitly details the exact parameters necessary to achieve such a feat. Noah Seidman has processed the data from Sandia National Labs, and created a detailed breakdown for immediate release.

• Capacitor plates spaced 5 millimeters apart
• A magnitude of 149.76 kilovolts.
• A pulse width of .144 microseconds, which is a frequency of 9.94 megahertz

The latter data has been created by Noah Seidman, and is directly based on the information produced, and publicly published by Sandia National Laboratories. The data can be used to create a hydrogen producing system, capable of generating exorbitant quantities of gas for relatively small amounts of cumulative energy. Such a system is thoroughly explained on the Water/Fuel Converters Project website in an effort to disseminate clear, accurate information about a technology drowning in stereotypes. By specifying precise number, and exact values, stereotypes are henceforth squashed and obliterated. The facts are now available, provided for the first time by Noah Seidman. Remind you about the credibility of the data in question; it has been produced by the infamous Sandia National Laboratories.

Analysis of the data from Sandia National Laboratories

Video #9 is of “voltage breakdown” in progress

The Water/Fuel Converters Project

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