GT-14 Tactical Night Vision Monocular by N-Vision Optics

Nov. 2, 2006 – GT-14 is an ultra compact tactical multi-purpose night vision monocular developed and manufactured by N-Vision Optics for the most advanced professional users who require superior quality, outstanding reliability, and unbeatable performance. The unit combines the main features of the existing models currently used by law enforcement and US military and is offered with the highest quality Generation 3 image intensifier tubes.
GT-14 features a unique ergonomic design that allows very comfortable single-handed operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of user errors in extreme conditions. The monocular operates on one CR-123 battery to keep the weight to a minimum and guarantees reliable service at all temperatures. The version with a AA battery is also available.
GT-14 is compatible with weapon mounted IR laser aiming and illuminating devices, submersible to a depth of 6.5 ft (2 meters), shockproof and waterproof. The monocular is equipped with an invisible to the human eye short range infrared illuminator to assist with tasks that have to be performed in complete darkness, such as map reading, equipment repairs, etc. Features include superior optics, automatic brightness control, and it weights less than 11 oz.
Being an ideal multi-purpose system for night-time observations, GT-14 can be used while hand-held as a monocular, head-mounted or helmet-mounted as a single eye goggle, weapon-mounted as a night scope or attached to a video camera.
Available accessories, such as standard or flip-up face mask and helmet mount permit hands-free use of the GT-14. Rifle mount that fits Picatinny rail is also available for instances when GT-14 has to be used in conjunction with tactical night vision compatible sights. GT-14 can be used as a handheld device with optional 3X afocal attachment for longer range observations.
With the use of a special dual mount, two GT-14 monoculars can be easily combined and turned into a dual-tube night vision binocular G15. This unit offers better depth perception and image clarity than single-tube systems, greatly improving the user’s ability to perform mission critical tasks. It can be hand-held, head- or helmet-mounted.

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