Guardian Precious Metals Launches Website to Provide clients with Institutional Level Access to Physical Precious Metals as an Investment.

Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. a full service precious metals dealer & market maker, announces the debut of its new website, which provides clients with investment grade gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. The company specializes in providing a full suite of products and services designed to assist the Individual investor, Investment Advisors and institutional clients meet their investment objectives.
A distinguishing feature of the Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. website is the Private Client Portal, which has been designed for Registered Investment Advisors and others in the wealth management industry. The platform enables advisors to buy, sell and store physical precious metals on behalf of their clients. The platform was specifically designed to help advisors meet the growing investor demand for physical precious metals as a way to diversify portfolios from increasingly volatile stock and bond markets.
For individual investors that need assistance, Guardian provides one-on-one personalized customer service and consultations. “At Guardian Precious Metals, Inc., we are committed to the long-term financial interest of our clients.” says Michael Ernst, founder and owner of Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. “We are here to provide retail investors a sensible way to buy and hold precious metals as an investment. I am extremely excited at the launch of our website that gives retail investors access and benefits previously only available to institutional investors.”
Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. provides all of their clients with real-time, 24-hour spot prices and charts allowing decisions to be made on the most accurate and current market information available. This allows all clients of Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. more control and flexibility to protect and grow their wealth with timely executions.
At Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. superior individual service, asset protection and wealth management solutions are the foundation of the business. The mission at Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. is to utilize our deep experience in economics and financial markets to help customers realize the benefits of diversifying their investments with precious metals in a sensible and intelligent way. Precious metals are an attractive investment that offer many benefits, including; wealth preservation, appreciation, a hedge against currency risk, and privacy. More information is available in “The Powerful Case for Investing in Precious Metals”, a white-paper written by Guardian Precious Metals, Inc. Founder Michael Ernst.
For more information on Guardian Precious Metals and the products they offer, visit the new Guardian Precious Metals website at or contact Michael Ernst at michael(at)guardianpreciousmetals(dot)com or (310) 545-2767.