Guiding Students Toward a Successful Medical Assistant Career

Nov. 29, 2006 – According to the US Department of Labor some of the hottest careers lie in the health care industry. Opportunities in this field abound for men and women alike. Those who want to start their new career fast often elect to become a medical assistant via accelerated vocational training programs offered by Community Colleges, or other career training institutions.

Although the medical assisting curriculum is broad and medical assistant tests and exams can be challenging people from all walks of live achieve their medical assistant diploma. And they are not alone. Medical assistant students who are preparing for tests, quizzes, and finals can network and learn online to reach their goals thanks to Danni, also known on the Internet as Danni R., a former Certified Medical Assistant that has worked in medical offices and taught the medical assistant curriculum at well respected vocational schools in her community.

Today, Danni no longer works in scrubs. Instead, she has dedicated herself to working in her pajamas from a small corner desk in a small home office where she now develops and manages some of the world’s best known online resources completely dedicated to the medical assistant community. Through her websites and active web forums she speaks to thousands of medical assistants coast to coast across the USA and beyond.

Although, if asked, Danni will quickly add that she couldn’t have done it alone, truth is that she builds, manages, and finances this labor of love on her own. Her relentless efforts paid off. She has kept her websites on the Internet uninterrupted since 2001. Danni admits that at times remaining vigilant can be a struggle. Most people don’t know the amount of dedication and skill it takes to maintain such huge websites like mine on the highly competitive Internet, she adds.

The vast majority of visitors to Danni’s websites are medical assistant students that specifically look for free practice quizzes and self-study resources so they can review and solidify diverse clinical and administrative skills. Others want step-by-step study tips to prepare for their exams and guidance to be better prepared for their externship assignment. Clearly, medical assistant students want to prepare themselves well for their new career and expect to find the right tools on Danni’s sites.

For her online work Danni has received the Education Enthusiast Award, issued on 2/8/2003, the Online Mentor Award, issued on 2/25/2003, the Online Instructor Award, issued on 5/21/2003, the Century Teacher Award, issued on 6/12/2003, and the Millennium Educator Award, issued on 8/15/2004 for online teaching.

Her visitors keep coming to her site and never cease to send her notes of thanks, such as:

“Thanks, Danni for providing such a wonderful site for us medical assistants. I return often and have received tools that allow me to show what I can do! I feel I’ve become a better medical assistant because of you.”

“Danni, your website has opened doors for me. Thanks to the information you have provided me I am now enrolled in a medical assistant program and I am planning to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant exam when I graduated. I cannot thank you enough, and I will make sure I’ll pay it forward to my patients and colleagues.”

“Danni, I just love to visit your medical assistant web forum. I’ve learned so much and I love to share what I know with others who post there. Many thanks.”

Undoubtedly Danni’s websites are regarded as extremely useful resources for medical assisting students, graduates, and working professionals in the field where everything is free! Her vision is to do everything she can to her work and keep these invaluable resources live on the Web. She is convinced that no other website on the Internet is as complete and prepares medical assistants for success in their chosen career path like hers. But don’t take her word for it. Feel free to see for yourself! Here is a list of just some of her websites:

Advanced Medical Assistant of America
Career advice and educational programs for medical assistants.

Medical Assistant Net
Professional career tips, training standards, scope of practice, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Medical Assistant Pharmacology
Review of important areas in the study of pharmacology as it applies to situations typically encountered in a medical office.

Medical Assistant Exam Help
Educational reviews, study notes, and reference material for medical assistants who are preparing for examinations.


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