Haiku Designs Furniture Formally Introduces the Formidable Vasteras Sofa

Boulder, CO, April 25, 2015 –(PR.com)– Haiku Designs is formally introducing the unique Vasteras Sofa, replete with solid-wood legs, solid-wood backing, and firm but comfortable cushions. The straight profile gives the sofa an elegant appearance that allows it to feel at home in any room or office. So, if you present sofa no longer meets your physical needs or visual desires, then take a closer look at this notable exception to group seating.

When the colors gray and back are combined gracefully, they take on a different personality that multiplies their aesthetic appeal and increases their stark but tasteful emphasis, which is the case with the new Vasteras Sofa. The black piping or trim act as a frame that lends attractive visual contrast that draws the eye to the center of this singular piece of furniture. Constructed from Nature’s unadulterated ingredients, you can bet your life that you won’t be condoning the influx of toxic components into the world around you. To the contrary, you’ll be endorsing the application of earth-friendly and human-friendly elements that will biodegrade as naturally as a dead skin-cell or a sleeping volcano.

To expand the interplay of gray and black, you can also accent the Vasteras Sofa by adorning it with the Haiku Designs’ Chinese Calligraphy Throw, which features the Chinese Kanji character representing “Love” woven into 100% natural, unbleached cotton. This cream calligraphy on a black background can also be reversed to a black symbol on a cream background, depending on your mood.

If you value modern craftsmanship and the principle of sustainability, please, take a moment to visit https://www.haikudesigns.com/vasteras-sofa.htm to get a closer look at the Vasteras Sofa and all the other notable lines of bedroom and dining-room furniture, Asian artwork, lamps, rugs, bedding, and other domestic accessories offered by Haiku Designs. They design the options, and you design your home.

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Haiku Designs is a Modern and Contemporary furniture company located in Boulder, Colorado. They offer their unique products through their retail showroom and their on-line website, shipping their furniture, natural latex masses and organic bedding to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

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