Harbor House Picks Up Al Pacino…and Me: A Tale Of Two Actors in 2005

Nov. 27, 2006 – Al Pacino and Edward De Leo both spent their childhood in the Bronx, dreaming of becoming actors. They both did, but while Pacino went on to become a huge international movie star who got paid millions, De Leo barely found small acting jobs and remained destitute. Besides De Leo’s intimate knowledge of Pacino as a person and actor, we also get to read of the generally tempestuous romances Pacino had with several high-profile actresses and his rivalry with another stellar actor of his generation, Dustin Hoffman.

De Leo died at age 72, a little over two years after this book was first published by Xlibris, and before Harbor House published a second edition.

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Writer-director-producer David Sheldon, wrote and produced “Grizzly,” one of the most financially successful independent films ever. Joan McCall has written more than 50 screenplays and over 150 scripts for network television. She is also a stage and movie actress.

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