Hd Radio Buyers Guide Site Announced

Nov. 21, 2006 – A new, independent web site devoted to HD Radios has been announced by Axcess Web’s webmaster, Douglas Hanna. The goal of the site, HD Radio Buyers Guide (hd-radio-buyers-guide.com) is to help potential HD radio buyers find and choose the HD radio that best fits their needs.

As such, the HD Radio Buyers Guide includes information about every HD table-top radio, HD car radio and HD component tuner and receiver available today.

In making the announcement, Hanna said: “This site provides independent information to help HD radio buyers make a better and more informed purchase.

“There are new HD Radios coming on the market just about weekly and at a wide range of prices,” Hanna said. “It’s possible to spend as much as almost $500 or as little as $175 on a tabletop unit. So, the question becomes ‘what will I get for $499 vs. what I would get for $175?’ Our HD Radio Buyers Guide is designed to help answer questions such as this and many others.”

Hanna also pointed out that many Americans may not even know there are a number of HD car radios and HD car tuners already available.”While tabletop HD radios are getting most of the attention these days, the fact is most Americans listen to the radio mostly in their cars. We’ve found a number of HD car radios and HD tuners for car audio system already on the market with some units selling for about $200. Our HD Radio Buyers Guide site lists all these HD units, along with a list of their important features.”

While many radio stations are now promoting HD Radio, few are doing much to explain what HD Radio is and its many advantages over conventional terrestrial radio. The HD Radio Buyers Guide tackles this issue head-on with a complete explanation of HD Radio. The site also includes information on multi-casting and digital texting – two important attributes of HD Radio technology..

A more complete explanation of the technology behind HD Radio can be found at Axcess Web’s companion site, HD Radio Home (www.hd-radio-home.com).

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