Heavybag Media Documents Yale’s Community Involvement

Nov. 6, 2006 – New Haven, CT – A new film from Heavybag Media documents how Yale University plays a role in many neighborhood revitalization efforts in downtown New Haven.

The Yale-Dixwell Partnership examines the social, economic, cultural and physical landscape that has changed in the Dixwell neighborhood of New Haven since 1993 when Yale University President Richard Levin called for Yale University to be an active partner in revitalizing New Haven’s downtown and neighborhoods.

Shana Schneider, director of marketing for Yale’s University Properties, said, “The film captures the past-to-present changes that have been happening in New Haven. We were pleased that Heavybag Media was able to make a visually appealing, informative film about the revitalization that is occurring in the city.”

Produced by Heavybag Media, an interactive marketing agency, the film documents how Yale and the community worked together to revitalize several buildings in the Dixwell neighborhood. The Yale-Dixwell Partnership film chronicles the restoration of several New Haven city building sites and details the establishment of service programs that the University and community developed and championed together. Among the physical structures that appear in the film are the abandoned American Linen site that has become the Dixwell-Yale University Community Learning Center and Yale Police Station, the New Haven Reads Book Bank, and the pedestrian and bicycle walkway at the Farmington Canal between Hillhouse Avenue and Prospect Street.

Dennis Peters, Director of the film and Chief Creative Officer of Heavybag Media, said, “The film shows how one project can engage a whole community. When we interviewed the people involved in this redevelopment you could see the excitement and satisfaction for the success of this development. Yale really showed how they can partner with the neighborhoods that make up New Haven and make a positive difference.”

The Yale-Dixwell Partnership is available at the Dixwell-Yale University Community Center as well as by download on the Yale University Office of New Haven and State Affairs website at www.yale.edu/onhsa.

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