Heavyweight Rock Singer Is Walking 2000 Miles For His Health & Children In Poverty

Dec. 12, 2006 – For Immediate Release

Jay Link

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550 Pound Rock Singer is half-way to his goal… 200 more pounds to lose

Los Angeles, CA – December, 6 2006 – Jay Link , lead singer of Los Angeles hard rock band Death and Taxes weighed in at a whopping 550 pounds in 2001. Since then , he has lost an amazing 200 pounds with diet & exercise, but is shooting for another 200 pounds loss in the next 2 years. This Spring starting in March 2007, he will begin a “Walk for the Children”, for charity to raise funds for many various children’s charities. Currently Jay is residing in Kingman Arizona, where he will begin his 2000 + mile journey on Route 66 to Chicago, Illinois, where he was born and raised.

Jay Link, a rock singer somewhere in his mid to late forties depending on his biographies, is a very lucky man. he is still alive. In September of 1998 his father Julius Link, was killed by a speeding car, while walking to his home in Bullhead City, Az. At that time Jay weighed around 250 pounds, he has always had a weight problem, yo-yo-ing up & down by 100 pounds every few years, but the death of his beloved father set him spiraling out of control and by late 2000 he had gained a mind numbing 300 pounds. Jay explained: “My eating became my drug, I had always been drug-free and never was a drinker or a smoker, but I found myself in a very dark place and at that time only food, massive quantities of greasy fattening food would comfort me”.

Now to kick-start his slow metabolism, and to give back something to society, he will undertake this grueling 2000 plus mile trek.. When asked if he will be successful in completing his journey, Jay said” I’m not sure if I will even make the first 100 miles, but I am going to give it everything I have, in honor of my father, who was an avid walker, and to raise money, for our children right here in the USA, who have so many unmet needs”. There will be a website set up soon for donations through pay pal, and the only money that will be used, will be for hiking shoes, food, and lot’s of pain cream, explains Jay. Even a donation of a penny a mile would mean $20.

Jay is currently looking for a few good corporate sponsors to start out his “Walk for the Children” campaign, but any single donations would be so very appreciated. for more information on Jay Link visit: http://www.myspace.com/jaylink http://www.death-and-taxes.net



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