Hidden Shoal Recordings Pre-Release New Slow Dancing Society Album

Nov. 8, 2006 – The Australian digital music label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, today pre-released the new album by U.S. ambient artist Slow Dancing Society, “The Sound Of Lights When Dim”.

“The Sound of Lights When Dim” is a sumptuous unfolding ride towards a fading horizon. The album has all the qualities of an Eno ambient classic whilst forging it’s own musical and emotional path.

The album has been three years in the making and began its life in Los Angeles, 2003. The continual shifts and changes over that period have managed to infuse a wonderful timeless quality to the album.

As with Brian Eno’s finest moments and David Sylvian’s ambient explorations, this work manages to dissolve its temporal markers and speak about moments removed from time. It talks to the delicious flaws of memory and feeling whilst never sullying itself with literality or simple documentation.

Drew Sullivan, aka Slow Dancing Society is a Washington based producer and musician whose work is currently featured in the Todd Kauffman film, “The Key”. He has performed live in Los Angeles and Washington, developing a wonderful reputation for producing deep immersive atmospheres within the live context.

“The Sound of Lights When Dim” is now available in the HSR Store and will see its official release in December where it will be available in Itunes, eMusic and Sony Connect stores around the world.

Hidden Shoal Recordings is Australian based independent digital music label. The label is a unique mar-riage of contemporary distribution, marketing and publicity with traditional indie label values and, most importantly, a wonderful catalogue of releases. Our current distribution channels include Itunes (all global stores), eMusic, Sony Connect and the HSR Store.

Hidden Shoal Recordings current catalogue includes releases ranging from experimental ambient work through to shoegazing pop, post rock and all the good things that happen in between.

Hidden Shoal Recordings final quarter 2006 release schedule will see releases by a number of new Australian and European signings.

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