Hidden Shoal Recordings Release New My Majestic Star EP

Dec. 4, 2006 – The Australian digital music label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, today announced the pre-release of “Fining”, the new EP by the Australian ambient rock project My Majestic Star.

“Fining” is at once luscious and lonely. Its gorgeous hanging guitar tones weave themselves around layered synths and syncopated drums. The EP’s five tracks each draw their own melodic atmosphere and bear witness to a wonderful paradoxical emotional tenor – a kind of hopeful melancholy.

The title tracks sets the EP up with its harking synth against a mesh of interplaying guitar lines and insistent bass drum, drawing the listener inside its unfolding, dizzying web.

“Several Moments Later” follows and immediately paints a dark, cinematic, guitar, drum and spoken word driven journey. The tracks plays out like a short film, soundtrack embedded.

“Attachments” acts as a point of letting go, led by crisp stuttering beats, acoustic guitar and pulsing bass. Guitars strike out long tones like slow moving glaciers. It falls apart, picks itself up and regenerates with purpose.

The EP ends with the upbeat but cautious “The Letter F”. The track with its gently skipping beat and chiming guitars embraces finality with a wry nod to a new beginning. Endlessness and inevitability wrapped in a gorgeous pop song you can imagine driving off into the sunset to.

It is the subtle narrative crafting that makes “Fining” so special. Songs, turn so gently as to make you unaware that you have been left somewhere far different from where you started. Structures are allowed to fall into themselves then pick up again with new binding and direction.

As with other proponents of ambient post rock such as Papa M and The Album Leaf, My Majestic Star manage to create micro and macro musical landscapes. Places filled with the kind of abstract yet complex narrative and emotional intent that only music can allow.

“Fining” is now available as a pre-release in the HSR Store. The EP will see official release in late January where it will be available in Itunes, eMusic and Sony Connect stores globally.

Hidden Shoal Recordings is an Australian based independent digital music label. The label is a unique marriage of contemporary distribution, with traditional indie label values and, most importantly, a wonderful catalogue of releases. Visit the label site for more release information.

Label Site: http://music.hiddenshoal.com
HSR Store: http://agora.hiddenshoal.com

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