Hidden Shoal Recordings Sign Australian Experimental Ambient Outfit, Moongoat

Nov. 14, 2006 – The Australian digital music label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, today announced the signing of the Perth based outfit, Moongoat

Moongoat are a two piece hailing from Perth, Western Australia. Simon Bennett (Wiggle, Kwook, Kurrel The Raven) and Jeremy Hicks (Enargeia, Low Budget Invaders) create a creepy place, one where rac-ing cars swoop through the night and doors creak and slam. A place beyond the earth and the stars.

Moongoat have been bottling this electricity since 2003, when they, along with former member Ivan Bannon, were commissioned to provide the soundtrack for the Australian fashion show, “Bamboozle”. Certainly they succeeded in making large glass windows bow out at alarming angles. Live jams followed at the Studio Concours D’Elegance which ranged from trippy beat-based electronic music to dense essays in thoughful and unsettling atmospheres.

The results of these sonic explorations form the basis of a series of releases through Hidden Shoal Re-cordings. The first of these is a self titled EP to be released on the 27/11/06.

Simon Bennett (former member of Japanese group Wiggle, several releases as Kwook and proflific out-put as Kurrel The Raven), Jeremy Hicks (NZ native, former member of Thou Gideon, Harry Death and a current member of Enargeia with Mal Riddoch, and Low Budget Invaders with his partner Sarah Tur-vey).

Hidden Shoal Recordings is Australian based independent digital music label. The label is a unique mar-riage of contemporary distribution, with traditional indie label values and, most importantly, a wonderful catalogue of releases. The label’s current distribution channels include Itunes (all global stores), eMusic, Sony Connect and the HSR Store.

Hidden Shoal Recordings current catalogue includes releases ranging from experimental ambient work through to shoegazing pop, post rock and all the good things that happen in between.

Hidden Shoal Recordings final quarter 2006 release schedule will see releases by a number of new Australian, U.S. and European signings.

Label Site: http://music.hiddenshoal.com
HSR Store: http://agora.hiddenshoal.com

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