Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms Offering Christmas Tree Delivery Services Nationwide

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms has announced their Christmas Trees delivery all over United States and Canada. The company has collaborated with local farmers to provide natural Christmas Trees to customers. The trees are delivered to the customer within 3 to 7 days of order placement.

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms Offering Christmas Tree Delivery Services Nationwide Grandville, MN, August 07, 2015 –(PR.com)– Hilltop Christmas tree farms announced it would offer a Christmas tree delivery service to customers located throughout the United States and Canada in a small press meet here today. The Christmas trees provided by the company are real and do not contain any lead. The company has joined forces with local farmers to provide benefits to both buyers and local farmers. Clients get authentic trees with a natural aroma and the local growers gets fair amount of their services.

Speaking to the media, Adam Stone, Manager of Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms stated, “I look forward to working with other farmers within the industry and hope that together, we can put a stop to prices being hammered down in the interests of the industry as a whole.” He further added, “Unfortunately many farmers are being put under pressure to lower their prices in order to obtain business from some of the larger retailers.”

The company ensures that the trees delivered to customers are completely fresh and do not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Clients can order a tree by contacting the company online or by phone. The company is committed to delivering the trees to the doorstep of a customer in a time period of 3 to 7 days after the placement of an order.

Customers can also book a tree a few months before Christmas. One can purchase the Christmas tree through the company’s website. The company is offering a 15 percent discount on second orders and further orders. Customers can choose any type and size of Christmas tree they prefer. All the trees are available at a reasonable price.

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About Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms
Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms is a company that provides Christmas trees across the United States and Canada. The company has associated with local farmers to provide authentic Christmas trees to customers. They have designed a Fair Farming Policy to benefit local growers with fair pricing for all farms involved in the program.
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