Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Opens New Chapter in East Texas

The Hispanic Chamber is a business association with a mission to help Hispanic entrepreneurs become increasingly competitive and successful in today’s digital arena. Now, the association is proud to announce the opening of a brand new chapter—the East Texas Chamber of E-Commerce.
“There are more than 1,200 Hispanic family owned businesses in the East Texas area,” comments Tayde Aburto, founder of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. “This is a business community that it is looking for new opportunities to grow its businesses and to connect with other business owners beyond the immediate networks of contacts. After several conversations with local innovator, entrepreneur and community advocate John David Carrasco, we came to the conclusion that a chapter of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce was a good idea for the area.”
“The East Texas Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is going to be very proactive in the community by offering educational seminars and by getting involved in initiatives that can foster the growth and development of the family business sector in the region.”
Aburto notes that family-owned businesses make up the core of the area’s business community—and the Hispanic Chamber has long focused on outreach to family-owned companies. Aburto also notes that the new chapter’s headquarters, in the City of Tyler, will enable it to bring together business owners from throughout the greater East Texas area.
Carrasco shares Aburto’s optimism. “The manner in which business is conducted today has drastically changed over the last five years,” he notes. “In effect, the virtualization of business has created what is called the Digital Mobius, where the online experience is taken offline, to create a one-on-one relationship with your client or organization and take that experience back online in a constantly growing and organic continuum.”
Carrasco concludes, “Having taken a leadership role in East Texas over the last several years in the non-profit and volunteer sector, I am honored to be the Founder and Executive Director of the East Texas Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. My goal is to be inclusive of all companies, individuals, organizations, and businesses with an emphasis on the emerging Latino demographic, but where all are welcome to join. I also aim to assist those who need guidance in the age of virtual business. With my extensive network throughout Texas, East Texas will be our first chapter. Other cities are being reviewed such as Austin, Houston and San Antonio. ”
For more information about the East Texas Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce please contact John David Carrasco at (903) 374-1910. To join the East Texas Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce CLICK HERE.
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About Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce
The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is a benefit corporation using the power of business for social good. The organization combines the values of a non-profit with the flexibility and innovation of a tech startup. The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is to promote the use of the Internet as a business tool to help family owned businesses to become more competitive. More information is available at http://www.hiseb.com.