‘Home Alone’ at ‘Advertisement 2006’

Nov. 28, 2006 – On the 9th of November the founder of the branding Agency ‘Zarkin and Partners’ Gene Zarkin gave a talk on branding in the context of the 14th International Exhibition ‘Advertisement 2006’ (Moscow, Russia).
‘Advertisement 2006’ is the largest advertising forum in Russia which proved to be the source of new ideas and solutions in the field of equipment, materials and technologies of the advertising industry.
The publishing house ‘Advertising technologies’ held a series of topical seminars in the context of exhibition that lasted for 3 days. By visitors’ and organizers’ opinion one of the most interesting lectures was ‘How to create brand which gives the real results’, which was read by the founder of the branding Agency ‘Zarkin and Partners’. It is evidenced by the fact that during the performance the number of visitors increased in 15 times: from 5 to 65! There were not enough space, so some of the visitors had to listen to the lecture in the doorway.
During the lecture Gene told about how to decrease the risk of wasting time and money while the brand development and also told the story of the successful project ‘Home Alone’ (when the young Moscow company ‘Unitest’ gained the upper hand over the market leader System Sensor with the help of the PR campaign developed by ‘Zarkin and Partners’ Agency).
At the time of the lecture Gene was asked many questions and after the end of the seminar, the visitors left the hall to talk to the founder of ‘Zarkin and Partners’ Company, to specify the rules of carrying out the surveys and ask questions concerning the brand development for their own companies.

— End —