How to Put a Tax Refund to Good Use

More than seven out of 10 U.S. tax filers get a federal refund each year, according to the IRS, with the average amount over the past few years about $2,800(1). While some people may see that money as a bonus and a reason to splurge, there are smart ways to put a tax refund to use to improve financial health.
OpenSky®, known for providing tools and resources to help consumers build credit, offers some suggestions and tips on how to put tax refunds to good use:
Consumers who have credit card debt may want to use their refunds to pay it down or pay it off—the highest interest debt first. That can save money paid toward interest and can also improve a person’s credit, since a high percentage of debt compared to available credit may negatively impact credit scores.
Everyone should consider establishing an emergency fund. A survey(2) published in January reports that two out of three people say they wouldn’t have the money to cover unexpected expenses outside of their monthly budget, such as $1000 for medical expenses or a $500 car repair. Homeowners, especially, may want to think about establishing a fund to make needed or unexpected repairs—devoting some money each year toward maintenance will pay off in the long run. A house is a big investment; a home in good condition can command top dollar when it’s time to sell.
Individuals and families can also use tax refunds to add to their savings. Everyone has goals they hope to achieve, if only they have enough money one day. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Tax Returns Survey (3), nearly half of respondents expecting a refund said they plan to put their money into savings. Carrying through on that plan will help their financial picture.
“A tax refund is the money you worked hard for—you’re just getting it late,” says Nick Bryan, president of OpenSky, a business line of Capital Bank, N.A. “Think of it as an opportunity to invest in your financial success.”
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