HT Mart Begins 2006 Holiday Advertising Campaign With a National Infomercial

Dec. 4, 2006 – ATLANTA, GA – December 4, 2006 – The completion and initial broadcast of their national “Holiday Showcase” TV segment was announced today by HT Mart, a North Atlanta area company. The 1-minute infomercial is part of the Holiday Showcase Television Show and features highlights of top-selling home theater products and decor.

The TV segment is hosted by actress Debra Ball, and showcases some of the home theater products consumers are most excited about. Some of the products include home theater seating, video screens, popcorn machines, custom DVD intros, HDTV antennas, and home theater decor. High-Definition televisions and high-def video projectors are some of the other hot commodities this holiday season for home theater shoppers.

HT Mart signed an agreement with Atlantis Studios Corporation, to produce the “Holiday Showcase” TV segment. The agreement resulted in the production of a short-form infomercial promoting the home theater products sold by HT Mart. Production of the “Holiday Showcase” segment took place at WXEL Studios in Palm Beach, Florida with a six-camera shoot.

Holiday Showcase reaches a potential audience of 25 million homes in over 100 markets around the country as part of the Product Information Network (PIN). The show will air a total of 24 times throughout the months of November and December. Additionally, there will be another 20 airings on Comcast Cable Channel 2 in Sacramento, California, reaching approximately 300,000 homes per airing. National airings on the Product Information Network, including Atlanta area airings, are scheduled as follows:

PIN Airings
12/4 @ 12:30 PM
12/5 @ 4:00 PM
12/7 @ 5:00 AM
12/9 @ 7: 00 AM
12/10 @ 1: 00 AM

“We are extremely excited about this marketing initiative because of its national exposure and the impact it will have on our business growth.” said Robert Schlecht, President of HT Mart.

About HT Mart:

HT Mart (a.k.a. Home Theater Mart), located north of Atlanta, GA is a niche e-tailer specializing in Home Theater products, information and resources. The company’s home theater products have been sold to laypeople and professional home theater installers from coast to coast. Founded in 2005, HT Mart is on its way to becoming the leading online retailer of home theater products and a source of home theater information.


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