iBank.com Announces a Faster Way For Lenders, Insurers and Investors to View Deal Flow in Real Time

Dec. 13, 2006 – COSTA MESA, Calif. – Today, iBank.com powered by Credentrust Software, is proud to announce a time saving enhancement, which speeds up the delivery of prospects to it lender, insurance and capital network . iBank continues to engineer ways to improve the overall user experience between the small business and the network. These enhancements include a Standard iBank Reader, a version which automatically reads all the deals in the lenders Vault every 3 hours, and a Preferred iBank Reader version which will read new leads in real time instead of every three hours. The reader will display the deal flow right on the desktop or PDA. The Standard and Preferred iBank Reader will virtually eliminate the need to review emails from iBank.com—a first in the industry!

“No longer do lenders need to look at numerous emails daily to view their new leads,” said Tom Markel, Chairman and CEO of Credentrust Software. “The Standard iBank Reader version will read the leads in their Vault every 3 hours and show them directly on their desktop or phone. The Preferred iBank Reader will read this same information in real time. This is such a great enhancement for our network of lenders, which will make their lives so much easier and more efficient. This will give real time connectivity to our small businesses.”

The Preferred iBank Reader version will read the new leads in the Vault in real-time verses every 3 hours. iBank.com has learned over the past several years that the first two or three network members to contact the prospective small business customers are the most successful in closing deals. To get the Preferred iBank Reader the lender must choose the auto campaign feature in their campaigns.

The iBank readers are just another example of how iBank is constantly improving the user experience while enhancing the lenders ability to increase deal flow. By providing lenders with the powerful tools and support to make smart, timely decisions on leads—from the iBank innovation and customer service team.

Lenders, insurers and investors can begin using either the Standard or Preferred iBank Reader staring on Dec 1, 2006. On January 1, 2007 the new Standard iBank Reader version enhancement monthly hosting and access fee will be $49.95 per month and the Preferred iBank Reader version enhancement monthly hosting and access will be $59.95 per month. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at 877-999-6465, ext 120.

About iBank.com
Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., www.iBank.com, is America’s largest online small business Finance network. The network helps small businesses collect and store all business information inside a secure online VAULT; it helps create a digital loan package, and insurance and investor application packages. Formed in 1999, www.iBank.com utilizes advanced search engine technology, and numerous other online tools for communication and connecting in real time with a nationwide network of loans, insurance and capital sources for a faster, easier, and lower cost experience.

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