IBS Secrets Most Doctors Won’t Know!

Dec. 22, 2006 – IBS causes misery and discomfort for millions of people in the UK every year. Some suffer in silence whilst many of those who do reach out for help are told that nothing can be done to assist them and that they will have to learn to live with their symptoms. The sad reason for this is that most doctors simply do not understand the condition properly.

The release of ‘IBS Secrets Most Doctors Won’t Know!’ a new book written by nutritional therapist Elizabeth Harfleet, has changed this. IBS sufferers are now able to find the practical advice that they need to relieve the unpleasant, and often debilitating, symptoms of IBS.

As an IBS sufferer herself and given her expertise derived from her years of specialising in digestive disorders, Elizabeth has a unique understanding of the condition.

‘IBS Secrets Most Doctors Won’t Know!’ is a first book of its kind and is full of useful information and practical tips designed to alleviate the suffering caused by IBS.

The book is available for purchase and immediate download from http://www.wellbeing-nutrition.com/ibs-book.htm and is strongly recommended for anyone feeling fed up with their IBS.

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