Imperiali Founder Finds Prosperous Markets in Chile

Dec. 8, 2006 – The Imperiali Organization was received well in Santiago and the existing contacts from the company’s previous activities were reactivated. In addition, several key new relationships were forged during the trip to Chile, all of which are very keen on developing new business.

“The business people in Chile are very keen to work with Imperiali Organization on global expansion projects. The area is growing and is becoming economically stronger everyday. This is a good time for business development with Chilean companies.” stated Imperato.

“Chile is great country with a lot of great products such as wine, clothing, and food products lend itself to Imperiali branding and distribution. Imperiali looks forward to these relationships,” added Imperato.

In addition i1seach ( ) may have found a strategic partner and link to its search engine as part of i1 search’s global expansion program.

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Imperiali Organization ( is global development company, with diversified assets and holdings, connecting the leaders of tomorrow today. Currently the organization has taken interest in both in owned and operated businesses in the areas of internet search, public relations, merchandising, publishing, film, and sports as well as other non-affiliated companies. The Imperiali Organization is currently the official communications provider for Imperato For President 2008, .

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