Imperiali Organization Founder Reports from Brazil

Nov. 29, 2006 – Rio de Janiero – November 29, 2006 – “Imperiali Organization’s leading representative in Brazil, Jim Sletteland, has done a great job organizing and structuring the beginnings of Imperiali SA Brazil which will position itself to position itself to register on the Brazilian Stock Exchange in the coming year,” said Imperato.

Sletteland, who has shown great leadership, has been given the titles of Head of Investment Banking and Director of Corporate Finance for Imperiali Organization. Sletteland’s resume brings huge support to implement the plans of Imperiali on a global basis,

Sletteland, who has worked for Lazard Feres & Co., Ladenburg Thalmann & Co., and was most recently the President of Jet Brazil, has organized a team of local Brazilians to formulate a corporate structure to implement the Imperiali Organization overall global plan.

In addition, the organizations that have been brought to the table to which Imperiali representatives have met with have shown a great interest in the Imperiali overall business plan and are considering serious participation with both Imperiali worldwide and in the future Imperiali SA Brazil.

Imperato, founder of Imperiali Organization who is presently in Brazil, has stated that the relationships that have been established in the past years in Brazil and the additional relations that have been brought by Sletteland has proven capabilities of a potential serious successful path for Imperiali combined.

In addition, a major surprise was presented to Imperato while visiting Brazil which is being held confidential for the moment. But Imperato did state that a serious business opportunity has been presented to Imperiali based upon its previous activities in Brazil.

This current business opportunity is under the beginning discussions of what could be a major redeployment of the initial plan of Imperiali.

While the discussion is still at the beginning stages, the seriousness of the matter could catapult an old asset of Imperiali’s that could be brought out of its holdings and adapted to what could be a major ramp up plan to reignite a project with a huge global presence that is within the guidelines, experience, and knowledge of Imperiali as a whole.

“We look forward to the continued discussions taking place and thank Jim Sletteland for his efforts put forth in representing our future company in Brazil and Imperiali as a whole,” concluded Imperato.

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