IMSS Releases Requesting Referrals Marketing System as a Free Trial Version for Download!

Dec. 17, 2006 – Now available as Free Trial Version, Requesting Referrals Marketing System is a digitally downloadable E-book that delivers an easy to understand action plan on how to set up and operate your mortgage practice to produce mortgage leads from referrals. The publication unveils numerous methods to generate mortgage leads from current and past clients, family, friends and co-workers as well as professionals within the industry. Additionally there is a resource directory with links to scores of products and services mortgage planners could implement into their business plans to assist in both growth needs and efficiency upgrades.

Being able to download the E-book for free will allow customers to see the format as well as get a good understanding of the contents. The Trial Version only allows access to certain portions of the book. Once you read through the introduction and view the outline of the system in the Table of Contents, you can purchase a password directly within the publication to gain access to the entire book. “This really helps customers get a hands on look at what the publication is all about so that can make an educated decision on the value of the product prior to purchasing it,” say Tim Kirsch of IMSS.

This release is the first in a series of publications from IMSS now in production that are designed to assist mortgage planners with their marketing efforts. The general purpose of the series is to instruct mortgage planners how to become more self sufficient regarding their solicitation and advertising efforts directed towards new clients. The next publication to be released is “Getting Realtor Referrals” which will deal specifically with relationship marketing of Real Estate Agents to obtain mortgage services needed for their clients. Last in the series will be the release of another E-Book titled, Generate Your Own Mortgage Leads. This will deal with a multitude of options available to mortgage planners to generate additional business through their own efforts versus relying on outside sources.

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